NYCC 2019 Funko Reveals: Freddy Funko

NYCC 2019 Funko Reveals: Freddy Funko

Funko have just announced even more New York Comic Con exclusives for 2019! Let's take a look.

As always, there is no guarantee which exclusives will be available to which retailers, but it's always worth keeping an eye out. 

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Tell us your favourite from this wave in the comments!


@tony sue tin 😳

Gregory Rick

I’m just walking around my lounge room and in the front corner of my apartment I’ve ever so neatly and gently packed my 278 pops that took me 6 years and 11 months to collect…. I absolutely loved them, protection cases for all…. whenever I had family or friends with kids everyone knew DO NOT TOUCH UNCLE TONY’S POPS…. You can just look 👀 and I would be so proud even more when we got news of a set getting vaulted pops and my in-laws that all had to work 6 sometimes 7 days a week would be like SO HOW MUCH DOES THAT MEAN ALL THOSE WOULD BE WORTH NOW….. lol! Wankers! …… but now I look towards the other corner of my apartment with the apartment 25 slot wall unit and now I have just every square with NYCC convention SPECIAL EDITIONS and 5 other squares of just 80th Anniversary BATMAN BOXES with the craziest looking totally LIT 🔥 POPS in those boxes I’ve even let the misses keep the HARRY POTTER Pops that I would always get her ( Ten in the cart 🛒 for me one HARRY POTTER pop in the cart for her…. don’t get me wrong I love the movies but a complete set of pops for every one SERIOUSLY COME ON! Anyway I’ve even got boxes and things at different heights and turned her 4 squares into a massive 3D kind of experience starting with the old stuff then moving through into the new movies with the Stranger Beasts and where to find them, I’m actually kind of proud of it if I do say so myself! OKAY BACK TO ME so after I am slowly getting my other pops sold and moved on to other people and I just know they be loved all over again I have absolutely changed everything that I would have got to Anime or Asian pop mystery I TURN MY HEAD AND WITH THE sunset hitting the plastic of the new 0.5mm protection cases that I’ve put my new AMAZINGLY CREATED AND PAINTED TO EXTREMELY WELL ORGANISED SHARP AND ELEGANT All at the same time and think 🤔 if I’m this excited about the evolution of my little 4” friends… well I can’t forget about the 10” GROOT now a 10”Dead Pool at 45 years old I just love what POP VINYLS and Freddy Funko can do for you!

Tony Sue-Tin

Seriously in top position with a close second and third going to My Hero Academia NYCC….Officer Freddy Funko is going to start 2020 off on the right side of the law! But talk about a reminder of the good old days was the Baseball Fury

Tony Sue-Tin

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