NYCC Funko Reveals: DC

NYCC Funko Reveals: DC

Funko's next wave of NYCC reveals is here with their DC line!

DC - The Flash and Superman (Racing) 2-Pack Pop! Vinyl

DC - Superman (Chrome) 3-Pack Pop! Vinyl

Aquaman - Arthur Curry Pop! Vinyl

DC - 1st Appearance Wonder Woman Pop! Vinyl

DC - Batman (Gold Midas) 5 Star Vinyl Figure

DC - Harley Quinn (Pink) 5 Star Vinyl Figure

What do you think of these? Personally, I think that the 1st Appearance Wonder Woman looks pretty awesome. She's a classic piece of superhero nerd collectable in my opinion - and she'll match the poster I have on my wall, cough cough. 

Which is your favourite of this wave? Leave us a comment!

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