Top 10 Funko Pop! Vinyl Releases of February/March 2019

Top 10 Funko Pop! Vinyl Releases of February/March 2019

February and March have both been huge months for Funko releases! On top of New York Toy Fair and Emerald City Comic Con, we’ve seen more than a few impressive waves for Disney, Dragon Ball Z, and so many more! Let’s take a look at the top 10 for these last two months.

Dragon Ball Z - Porunga ECCC 2019 Exclusive 6" Pop! Vinyl

This was a big one. Whilst a lot of fans have been (rightfully) complaining about the latest flood of Dragon Ball Z releases, the hardcore DBZ collectors have been rushing to add these new figures to their carts in order to keep up with the complete collection. A few of the London Toy Fair releases were exciting to see, especially considering the hype surrounding Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but this was undoubtedly the cream of the crop when it comes to these releases. A 6” ECCC exclusive, it was refreshing to see a new character depicted in vinyl for this range. Fans who loved the two Shenron releases back in 2018 will be hyped to know that this dragon is just as vibrant, in a bright green paint that really ties together any Dragon Ball Z collection. This may be my favourite release of 2019 so far.

It’s still available here for those of you who missed out, or here in an Ozzie mystery bundle deal so that you can get your hands on another ECCC exclusive release, too!

Little Mermaid - Ariel (Sail Dress) US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

Back in January we saw our first wave of Little Mermaid Pop! Vinyl figures in years, proving that Funko’s Disney license won’t be hitting brick walls any time soon. With this release, we finally get a look at the titular princess as she appears in her first scene as a human on the beach, in her makeshift sail-and-rope dress. I just can’t help but stare lovingly at this one and picture her reunited with a Pop! Prince Eric as he escorts her to their forever after castle. Dreamy sighs all around!

She’s currently on pre-order for $18.99.

Stan Lee - Patina Pop! Vinyl

No news hit harder in 2018 than the news of Stan Lee’s passing. A real life superhero and Marvel legend, it seems only fitting that many fans are happy to honour his memory in the form of a patina Pop! Vinyl. This release was heart warming for many reasons, but especially considering how hard it has been in the past for fans to get their hands on other Stan Lee releases.

This one is still in stock now for $18.99.

Pokemon - Charmander Pop! Vinyl [RS]

2018 saw Funko expand their licensing in the way of starting a new Pokemon line, but after only one initial release (the 4” Target exclusive Pikachu) fans have been hungry for more. A pattern began to emerge early in the year with yet another Pokemon starter release-- this time Bulbasaur-- but fans have been eager to get their hands on some other beloved favourites. After months of waiting, fans were excited to finally see a new addition to this line in the form of a favourite fire-type starter: Charmander!

I don’t know about other fans, but I for one am overjoyed about this one. It really has me thinking about the possibilities that this line has. Here’s hoping for a 6” Charizard next! (After they release Squirtle, of course.)

You can still grab it here for $18.99.

Green Lantern - Green Lantern & Batman Jim Lee US Exclusive Comic Moment Pop! Vinyl [RS]

The Jim Lee line of DC Pop! Deluxe figures are nothing short of gorgeous, and this Green Lantern & Batman Comic Moment really ups the ante! DC fans were excited to see this one. It’s bigger than the other Jim Lee releases and boasts amazing texturing and detail. Time to clear off room on the shelf…

You can pre-order it here for $54.99.

Lilo & Stitch - Lilo in Hula Skirt US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl [RS]

Another classic Disney favourite, 2019 so far is shaping up to be a great year for fans of Lilo and Stitch. I love this one for a number of reasons, but mainly because it calls back to that beautiful opening sequence where we first meet Lilo in her hula skirt.

You can grab here here for $18.99.

Shazam - Shazam Pop! Vinyl

This is one release that is definitely worth the hype!

It seems appropriate that the original “Captain Marvel” be making the rounds this month. The ages-old DC character has finally come to the big screen, and if Zachary Levi’s hype is any indicator, his rise to Pop! Vinyl fame is just as exciting.

Just say the word, and it’s yours for $18.99!

Scooby Doo - Scooby & Haunted Mansion Pop! Town

Another great new Funko line we’ve seen this year is the Pop! Town range. My favourite so far has been the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion Pop! Town figure, mainly because it reminded me so strongly of going on the ride at Movieworld as a kid…

It’s an incredible figure with lots of detail, and even comes with a Scooby Doo figure, so you can practise running from all the masked creeps and ghouls that are surely hiding out inside of this new figure…

It’s available here for $49.99.

BTS - US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl 7-Pack [RS]

This release has been in talks for a while, and finally saw a release for New York Toy Fair in late February. Also available on their own, you can purchase the entire BTS crew as a massive 7-pack Pop! Vinyl! Talk about needing shelf space.

I’m a sucker when it comes to boxes, and I know that a lot of other collectors have an affinity for packaging, too. This one struck me as particularly creative, and it almost looks like the BTS boys are on stage, ready for a show! It’s perfect for K-Pop fans and enthusiastic Pop! Collectors alike. This one, for me, was a winner in every way.

Grab it here for $132.99.

The Office - Dwight Schrute Pop! Vinyl

Lastly-- but certainly not least-- I am pleased to announce that Funko’s new release wave for The Office (something fans have been asking for for years!) is finally here, and it’s just as cool as you think.

You’d be hard pressed these days to find somebody who doesn’t adore this show, or who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to own a little 4” vinyl figure of Dwight Schrute. I can’t decide if he belongs on the shelf with the rest of the collection, or on the desk at work… just to remind everyone that you’re #1.

Pre-order him here for $18.99, or in a bundle with the rest of the collection for $107.94.

What did you think of our list? Do you have a personal favourite of Feb/March that didn’t make the cut? Leave us a comment!

Until next time, happy collecting, everyone!

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