Top 6 Most Expensive Pop! Vinyls Right Now

Top 6 Most Expensive Pop! Vinyls Right Now

It seems the collectables market is always changing, and keeping up with the Funko vault can be a headache. There are some fantastic resources out there like Pop Price Guide to help break it down for you, as well as blogs like this one to analyse the rise and fall of some of these super rare items. Let’s take a look at this month’s top 6 rarest and most expensive Funko Pop! Vinyl figures!

Please note: these estimates are based on the online market and may not reflect the actual retail value of these items. All numbers extracted from the PPG market highest grossing sales.

6. Star Wars - Luke Skywalker (Final Battle) (Gold)
Where: Fundays 2019
Estimated market value: $3,700.00
Why the hype? This item was released as part of the Fundays lineup for 2019 with only 80 pcs available. That might explain why so many die-hard collectors are eager to get their hands on it at a steep price!

5. Funko - Freddy Funko as Frankenstein (Glow in the Dark)
Where: Fundays 2019
Estimated market value: $3,800.00
This one is just plain cool. Another Fundays release, this has been selling for around 3k-7k. Not only is it a Glow in the Dark, but it’s limited to just 24pcs!

4. Funko - Freddy Funko as Big Boy (Blue)
Where: Fundays 2019
Estimated market value: $3,950.00
Also limited to Fundays (are you sensing a theme here?), this one is limited to 24 pcs and is a coloured variant to the more common Red version, also released for Fundays. Funatics gotta have those colour variants!

3. Funko - Freddy Funko as Venom
Where: Fundays 2019
Estimated market value: $7,500.00
What are two things that Funko collectors can’t get enough of? And no, the answer isn’t stickers and criticising flippers online. Marvel and Freddy! This jacked up Venom Freddy looks awesome, and it definitely helps that he’s limited to only 24 pcs. If you managed to get your hands on one of these without paying crazy prices, godspeed, my friend.

2. MLB - Ken Griffey Jr (Bronze)
Where: Safeco Field 2018
Estimated market value: $10,000.00
This is one of the only two on the list that wasn’t released for Fundays, and boy did this Pop! pick up some attention! Recently re-emeging on the marketplace for a whopping $10k, this sale is nothing to sniff at. Stickered and limited to 24 pcs, this bronze cast sports legend figure is a must for many collections. Good luck finding one that won’t turn you bankrupt!

1. Funko - Freddy Funko The Joker (Glow in the Dark)
Where: SDCC 2013
Estimated market value: $12,000.00
It’s no surprise that this figure managed to turn such a profit, and you can’t deny that 2013 Comic Con goers aren’t getting a bang for their buck. Limited to only 12 pieces worldwide, this glow in the dark Freddy Funko is among the first of mash-up Freddy/ superhero figures, and depicts Freddy with the Joker’s colouring, crazy eyes, and suit. What a catch!
The fact that this has sold for as much as $12k recently really isn’t a surprise. If you ever come across one of these in the wild, run to it. Run fast.

What did you think of our list? Can you think of another trending Pop! Vinyl product in the collectables world that deserves our attention? Leave us a comment!

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