Ozzie Insurance

Ozzie Insurance is an optional extra which Ozzie Collectables offers to our customers as an added peace of mind when placing their order. Customers can opt to pay a fee to insure their order. This is a stress-free, hassle-free option which entitles customers to a full refund or exchange if they aren’t happy with the condition their parcel arrived in, e.g. if the parcel has arrived damaged or has been lost in transit. The insurance covers the customer for return postage back to us, as well as the postage fee for any replacement or exchanged items to ship back to the customer.

Insurance fees are calculated based on the contents of the customer’s cart/order, and may be increased on the basis of a parcel’s weight and/or location. Please note that insurance does not cover customers for multiple refunds/exchanges of the same order based on a change of mind and we recommend that customers carefully review their orders before submitting them to ensure that they are happy with the item(s) they have ordered.

The maximum a cart can be insured for is $5000.

Please note that our regular Terms and Conditions also still apply to an insured order, e.g. customs fees payable by the customer. We encourage all customers to get in touch with our support staff with any additional inquiries.