Pokémon Card Collections Sale FAQ

Q. Does Ozzie Collectables buy second-hand trading card collections?

A. Yes! We are currently interested in purchasing second-hand Pokémon card collections.

Q. What about other trading cards, such as sports cards or Yu-Gi-Oh?

A. We are currently interested in Pokémon card collections only at this time. Check back as we will likely expand at a later date.

Q. Do I have to be local to sell my cards to you?

A. Currently we are most interested in local collections only as it is much easier for us to assess these card collections in person. However if you live interstate or internationally we may still consider your collection if you get in touch with some information.

Q. How does the process work?

A. Ozzie Collectables will ask you to bring your card collection in-store, which you can drop off at the front desk. We'll take some information, such as your full name, email address and phone number. Our in-house TCG expert will then look over the collection, provide a valuation, and get in touch with you to discuss a potential offer. This process usually takes about a week but may be delayed a further 3-5 business days during peak periods. From there you can either accept the offer, upon which we'll issue payment via bank transfer or Paypal, or decline the offer and come in-store to pick your cards back up.

Q. Does Ozzie Collectables check for authenticity?

A. Yes, all cards are thoroughly inspected for authenticity. Any cards found to be inauthentic, replicas, unlicensed reproductions or similar may immediately render any previously discussed offers void and Ozzie Collectables will not be responsible for any reimbursements of related shipping costs used to send the collection to us. We strongly advise removing any suspected fakes from your collection, or having them authenticated first.

Q. Do my cards need to be pre-graded or slabbed?

A. No, we currently purchase raw (ungraded, unslabbed) card collections as well as pre-graded and slabbed.

Q. I don't want to sell my collection, I just want to get my cards graded or valued. Is this something Ozzie Collectables can help with?

A. You're welcome to come in-store to discuss grading and valuation options with our in-house TCG expert. The best days to do this are Thursday evenings from 7pm-10pm, or Saturday and Sunday from 10am-4pm. We do not offer in-house professional grading or professional valuations, but we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Q. Will you buy packs/blisters/displays as well as single cards?

A. Yes, we'd be happy to consider these so long as they are sealed and authentic. Note that any packs found to have been opened and resealed or otherwise inauthentic and not new/mint condition will render most offers void.

Q. How much does Ozzie Collectables offer per card?

A. Offers are made based on the overall perceived value, condition, and demand of your cards, with re-sell value and business costs in mind. In general, if you're looking for market value, we suggest selling your cards individually, e.g. via eBay or a Buy/Sell/Trade group, as Ozzie Collectables are not able to offer market value for every card.

Q. I don't want to leave my cards with you. Can I just send you some pictures or a list of what I have?

A. We'd be happy to take a look, however require all collections to be evaluated in person before proceeding with any offer.

Q. Can I bring them in-store for an on the spot valuation?

A. We do not offer on the spot appraisals or valuations. In general, we ask that you leave your cards with us and allow at least a week for our team to assess the collection before making a potential offer.

Questions? Ready to sell your collection? Get in touch!