Funko Festival of Fun ECCC 2021 December Con Exclusives - Everything You Need to Know!

Funko Festival of Fun ECCC 2021 December Con Exclusives - Everything You Need to Know!

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, carollers singing, and... Funko releasing another wave of con exclusives?!

Hold onto your wallets.

The Emerald City Comic Con team announced early on in 2021 that they would not be holding their annual Washington Comic Con in March - instead, it was announced that the in-person event would be moved to December, to give Covid some time to chill out and con-hoppers the adequate time to get vaccinated. Instead, Funko released their prepared exclusives as part of a virtual event, a trend that many collectors have gotten used to in the past few years.

When NYCC, another virtual release drop, happened unexpectedly late in October, some whispers finally started going around about a possible late, end of year, last-minute exclusives drop. Many people aptly pointed out that a few predicted Fall Convention exclusives were notably absent from Funko's last-minute announced line-up. Would these elusive products be released some time later? Or were they destined to disappear, their memory a mere distant dream in collectors' minds?

A week ago, we finally got our answer.

Funko announced on their blog on the 19th of November that they'd be hosting yet another drop of releases as part of Festival of Fun at ECCC from the 2nd until the 5th of December. "Welcome to the age of hybrid events!" they announced via the article. "Funko is elated to announce that we’ll be hosting a booth at Emerald City Comic Con’s in-person event in late 2021."

So what does that mean for those of us who aren't in Seattle?

It means buckle up: more exclusives are coming.

Funko announced a total of 19 new exclusives on their blog, a handful of which will be available to international retailers like Ozzie Collectables. In case you missed the social media storm, you can check out the list of releases here.

As expected, quite a few of the mysterious missing NYCC releases appear to be present in the line-up. There was some previous buzz about stickers, and whether some of these ECCC releases might actually have the Fall Convention exclusive stickers on their boxes due to the last-minute change in release plans from October to December.

As always, Ozzie cannot confirm exactly which exclusives will be available to us until the time of the drop, but we can tell you this: be prepared! Make sure you're ready and on our site at the time of the drop, which is happening yet again in the dead of night. The good news? It's on a weekend, so you won't be crawling to the office and siphoning espresso just to keep your eyes open the next day. You will, however, be taking home a nice new bunch of exclusives, the majority of which will not be privy to the same delays we saw in October. Phew!

This year, the ECCC Festival of Fun December drop is happening on Ozzie Collectables from 1am AEDT (Melbourne) time on Saturday the 4th of December. You can read the FAQ here.

What do you think of this year's lineup? Which are you hoping to add to your collection? Leave us a comment!

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I hope to add ned flanders to my collection :) .

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