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Collection: S&V Reverse Holo Cards

Reverse Holo Cards are a unique and highly sought-after type of Pokemon trading card. These cards feature a holographic effect on the background of the artwork, with the Pokemon itself appearing in a non-foil finish. Reverse Holo Cards can be found in both common and rare varieties, making them a popular choice among collectors and players.

The value of Reverse Holo Cards can vary greatly depending on their rarity and popularity among collectors. Some Reverse Holo Cards, such as those featuring rare or highly sought-after Pokemon, can sell for significant amounts of money at auction or through trading card marketplaces. Collectors and players seek out these cards to add to their collections or decks, not only for their value but also for the unique and eye-catching holographic effect they offer. As the Pokemon TCG continues to release new sets and cards, the demand for Reverse Holo Cards is expected to remain high, cementing their status as a popular and collectible type of Pokemon trading card.

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