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Star Wars Rivals Series 1 Premier Set

Star Wars Rivals Series 1 Premier Set


SKU: FUN69256

Barcode: 889698692564

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Assemble your forces and outmaneuver enemies as you duel for strategic control. With 30 characters and dozens of iconic locations, your destiny awaits! The Star Wars Rivals Premier Set includes everything you need to play. Featuring 4 exclusive characters and 12 unique locations, your journey begins here!

  • Fast-paced, engaging gameplay gets you into the action right away!
  • The Rivals Premier Set features 4 exclusive locations and characters, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and more!
  • Comes with custom Prism Die only found in this Premier Set!
  • Combine with Character Booster Packs for new characters, locations, and abilities. 30 total characters available, including hologram characters with a unique special power!
  • Choose Dark or Light and decide the fate of the galaxy!
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