POP! Gloss


What is a Pop! Gloss?

  • Ozzie’s Pop! Gloss is your official collector’s glossary! Starting out as a collector can be daunting: even those who consider themselves to be old hands at collecting can find the huge community overwhelming, as new terminology is always finding its way into discussions on social media and forums. Sometimes you just wish you had a dictionary for all this stuff! That’s where we come in. Basically, this is your place to go when you need to understand a new term relating to pop culture collectables!




Action Figure

  • Refers to a kind of collectable that is typically a much smaller interpretation of a character or thing, but can come in a variety of sizes. These collectables feature joints referred to as points of articulation and can be positioned in several places. Can be displayed in their boxes or taken out to be displayed/utilised.



  • A payment method where customers have the option to pay for an item in scheduled amounts rather than paying an entire fee upfront.


Animation (Pop! Animation)

  • Refers to any show, movie, or piece of visual moving media which is not live-action. Most typically refers to cartoons and anime.



  • The ‘joints’ of an action figure which can be moved or positioned from its original place. Typically there will be several ‘points of articulation’ on an action figure of this variety, for example at the neck, arms, wrists, legs, or ankles.



  • Refers to a product which does not come in singular form but as a case or box. For example, a mystery mini assortment refers to a complete box of mystery minis, rather than one singular mystery mini item.




Blind Box/Bag

  • A collectable item which is intended to be a randomized surprise item from a collection. Typically there will be a selection of characters from a series for a customer to collect, and customers can purchase a blind box or bag in the hopes of receiving each of the different characters. There is no way to tell which character is in which box/bag— hence the name— which some consider to be part of the fun!



  • In terms of trading/collectable cards, a booster pack refers to a single sealed pack of cards meant to ‘boost’ or add to a collection, whereas a booster display refers to a sealed box of these packs.


Box Break

  • A box break refers to a promotion wherein customers will have the chance to pay for a place in the ‘break’ in the hopes of receiving exclusive or rare trading cards. Each break will vary in price and in content, but will typically feature an expert opening or ‘breaking’ several boxes of sealed card packs and sorting through them to discard the common cards and retrieve only that which is rare or exclusive. Customers will receive an assortment of these rare or exclusive cards from everything that has been sorted through. Box breaks are often livestreamed or recorded for live viewing so that customers can watch along with the ‘breaker’ as they sort through the cards, hoping to find something especially rare or exclusive!


Brian Mariotti

  • The current CEO of Funko, the company behind Pop! Vinyls. Brian bought the company back in 2005 from founder Mike Becker and first released the line that would later become Pop! Vinyls in 2010.



  • Refers to a particular style of art by Brazilian artist Romero Britto, and most notably his collectable line of character figures painted in this style.






  • A ‘chase’ item refers to a rare variant of a product that differs in varying degrees from the original. Chase items typically come with an official sticker labelling them as such. The average ratio of rarity for chase items is 1 in 6 units, where, for example, a box of six Pop! Vinyls, should the item feature a chase variant, will include five (5) common versions of this item, and one (1) chase variant. For example, the product Stranger Things - Eleven with Eggos Pop! Vinyl features a chase variant, where instead of her shaved head in the original Pop! Vinyl, Eleven is depicted wearing her blonde wig. Buying six of this item at Ozzie Collectables will give customers five (5) of the original Eleven Pop! Vinyl, and one (1) chase variant with her blonde wig.



  • Refers to any item or collection of items which is typically bought for the express purpose of ‘collecting’ or of collating a collection of this item or similar items. For example, a Pop! Vinyl is considered to be a collectable, as its main purpose involves the collection of items from this line.



  • Refers to someone who collects an item. For example, a customer who regularly purchases Pop! Vinyls and displays them in their home would be considered a collector.


Comic Con

  • A convention featured around pop culture that takes place in several cities around the world. Whilst there are Australian Comic Cons, the most notable take place in San Diego and New York in the USA. Companies often produce ‘exclusive’ items for these conventions, for example Comic Con Exclusive Pop! Vinyls, which are sold exclusively at or for the duration of these events and often discontinued after. The limited quantity, ‘exclusive’ stickers, and exclusivity of these products often leads to a high amount of interest from collectors.


Convention Exclusive

  • Refers to an item which is produced for the express purpose of selling at, for the duration of, or in celebration of a convention. These items are often produced with a sticker advertising their exclusivity to the event and can be discontinued afterwards, leading to limited quantity and high interest from dedicated collectors.



  • Refers to a collectable item, usually a Pop! Vinyl, which is not officially produced by the company (for example Funko) but rather fan-made or ‘customised’ to look like a character or variant which has not yet been produced. There are several artists and customisers that can be found practising privately, primarily online, however it should be noted that these products do not count as official products from the collectable line. For example, a customiser may purchase several Funko Pop! Vinyls and use parts to create an item that resembles a friend of theirs in pop vinyl form. This may look legitimate in nature and make a nice feature to somebody’s collection, but it cannot be sold as an ‘official’ Funko Pop! Vinyl item.




Domestic Shipping

  • Refers to shipping within the same country that the retailer is based in. For example, Ozzie ships domestically Australia-wide as we are an Australian company and are based in Melbourne, Australia.



  • A line of collectables by Funko that depicts various characters as smaller, stylised versions with a consistent style to the body shape and facial expression. Similarly to Pop! Vinyls, Dorbz feature several variants and spinoffs including Dorbz Rides, two packs, three packs, and chase variant Dorbz.



  • Refers to a box or case that contains several of an item. For example, a display of trading cards will feature a sealed box, typically ‘displayed’ in a retail store, with a particular quantity of sealed card packs. A display of key chains will feature a sealed box of keychains.





  • Emerald City Comic Con, a pop culture convention held in Seattle, US during the Spring. Funko typically release a line-up of exclusives for the con, which Ozzie Collectables and assorted retailers may have the opportunity to sell.



  • Estimated Time of Arrival. This refers to the date which a product is scheduled to be released on. It should be noted that this is the official date as provided by the distributor, but may be subject to change at the discretion of the distributor and manufacturer and is unfortunately beyond the control of retailers. The correct release date will always be displayed in a product description for Ozzie Collectables, and close consultation between support staff and customers is provided when necessary to advise customers of any changes to these dates.





  • A line of collectable plush items by Funko.


Fall Convention

  • Typically refers to New York Comic Con, which takes place during Autumn or ‘Fall’ in the US.



  • Frequently Asked Questions. Ours can be found in the Help Centre.



  • May refer to the height of a collectable item, most typically a Pop! Vinyl. A four-inch Pop! Vinyl is the most common or ‘regular’ size.


Freddy Funko

  • Funko’s official mascot, Freddy is depicted as a Pop! Vinyl male with ginger hair, freckles, a crown, and Funko’s signature round black eyes, but can be found wearing a variety of different costumes and is often sold in Pop! Vinyl form exclusive to Funko Shop. Check out the tour of Ozzie's own Freddy room!



  • The term for someone who is a fan of Funko collectables: a ‘funko fanatic.’ Also known as a super cool collector with fantastic taste. In a sentence: 'Did you hear that Tom's the coolest person ever? Yeah, he's a Funatic!' 



  • The company that manufactures several lines of collectables including Pop! Vinyls. In a sentence: 'I'm so obsessed with Funko it makes me crazy!'



  • The official forum for discussion of all things Funko, the Funko Funatics blog started as a platform for ‘funatics’ to discuss new releases, their favourite items, and to display their own collections to the community. Whilst not as popular these days, it was a big hub for all things Funko circa 2010. Now, you can typically find the most up to date discussions on new collectables on any of Funko's social media channels, and, of course, Ozzie Collectables.


Funko Force

  • The original line after Funko was picked up by Brian Mariotti. This line followed the release of Wacky Wobblers and more closely resembled these in style than what would later become Pop! Vinyls.


Funko Force 2.0

  • A miniature spinoff of the Funko Force line that would later become Funko’s Pop! Vinyl line, this most closely resembled in style what we have come to know as pops.


Funko Pop

  • The Americanised terminology for a Pop! Vinyl. In a sentence: 'What's a Pop! Vinyl? I live in the states, and I collect Funko Pops!'


Funko Pop Man

  • A semi-joking, semi-derogatory term for a man who collects Pop! Vinyls originating in memes intended to make fun of the types of collectors who take themselves too seriously. Ozzie Collectables is a safe place for Funko people of all kind - but the only Funko Man we need in our lives is Freddy! 


Funko Shop/ Funko Shop Exclusive

  • The Funko Shop refers to an item which is exclusive to Funko, and more specifically to Funko HQ (the ‘bricks and mortar’ storefront operated by Funko in both DC and LA, USA.) Funko shop exclusives are often priced differently to ‘common’ items and are not sold by all retailers.




Games (Pop! Games)

  • Refers to items depicting characters from video games.



  • Goldbluming of #Goldbluming refers to the iconic scene in which a wounded Dr. Ian Malcolm, depicted by Jeff Goldblum, lies on his side with his shirt (unnecessarily) open in the original 1993 Jurassic Park. The scene was iconic enough to earn itself a Pop! Vinyl adaptation of the character in early 2018, and a TFNY parody Deadpool Pop! Vinyl later in the year. #Goldbluming became a social media trend among Funko fans, leading to several spinoffs and memes amongst the pop culture community.





  • A line of collectables produced by Funko featuring Japanese Vinyl items depicting characters in a variety of treatments with a consistent style, including glitter, metallic, and distressed.


Hobby Pack (Trading Cards)

  • Refers to a single sealed pack of trading cards. Differing slightly from a regular retail pack, it is generally agreed that ‘hobby’ packs are more likely to feature exclusive, rare, or sought-after cards.




In-Box Collector

  • An in-box collector is someone who collects items and keeps them exclusively in their sealed boxes. It is generally agreed that collectable items which are still in their original boxes have an increased value as opposed to collectable items which have been removed from their original packaging.


In Store Pick Up

  • Instead of paying/waiting for shipping, Ozzie customers can select ‘in store pick up’ at checkout. Once the customer receives an email stating that their order is ready for collection (different to an order confirmation email, this will arrive within 3-5 business days of placing the order should it not feature any pre-order items) they can pay us a visit at our storefront to collect their order at no extra cost to them! Ozzie is located in Eumemmerring, Victoria at 2A 50 Princes Hwy.







  • A Japanese line of collectable items, mainly action figures and statues depicting various characters from anime and DC films.





  • A payment option available to customers in which they can pay off an item in several payments, rather than all at once. Unlike with Afterpay, a Laybuy is generally processed through Paypal and will need to be paid completely before a customer receives their order.


Limited To X Pieces

  • A product or product description may let customers know that a particular item is limited to x amount of pieces. This essentially means that only this certain number of pieces has been manufactured: once this number of items has been sold, the item will be discontinued. Limited items are generally sought after by collectors due to their rarity and limited quantity.



  • Refers to Legion of Collectors, or subscription boxes, produced by Funko. The Legion of Collectors began in 2016 with a DC Batman vs. Superman subscription box, and has now expanded to a whole range of boxes full of exclusive items from a variety of different fandoms.



  • A premiere licensed accessory company run by Funko and based in South California, Loungefly produce bags, wallets, and accessories themed for a variety of different fandoms including Disney, DC, and Star Wars.




Mailing List

  • A mailing list refers to a customer subscribing to receive emails from Ozzie Collectables. The benefits of joining our mailing list include receiving exclusive offers and promotions, being the first to be notified regarding sales and new releases, entering into weekly competitions, and a plethora of more benefits! To sign up for our mailing list, enter your email into the option at the bottom of Ozzie’s website.



  • Metals are a collectable line created by Jada featuring characters in a variety of sizes. The items are made out of a hybrid of vinyl plastic and metal, and tend to be more weighted than other collectable items, making them popular with many collectors.



  • Mint in Box. This refers to the quality that many collectors like to keep their items in, as many collectors prefer their items to be in ‘mint condition’ (as perfect quality as they were first made in) and in pristine, undamaged boxes.


Mike Becker

  • Funko’s original founder. Becker sold the company to current CEO Brian Mariotti in 2005.



  • ‘Mint’ refers to the original, undamaged, and perfect quality of a collectable item.


Miscellaneous (Pop! Miscellaneous)

  • Items which do not fit into any other category, e.g. television, movies, animation, rocks, sports.



  • A plush collectable line by Funko.


Movie Moments (Pop! Movie Moments)

  • A series of Pop! Vinyls usually depicting two characters and various props re-enacting a famous or iconic film scene.


Movies (Pop! Movies)

  • Pop! Vinyls depicting characters from movies or films.



Mystery Minis

  • A collectable line by Funko of miniature figures depicting characters of various fandoms. Mystery minis come in small, sealed boxes in which customers can buy what is essentially a ‘lucky dip’ in an attempt to collect all the characters from a collection!





  • A Japanese collectable line of small, stylised figures depicting characters from various anime.



  • New York Comic Con.





  • Ozzie Collectables!


Out-Of-Box Collector

  • An out-of-box collector is someone who primarily collects items to display out of their original boxes/ packaging.


  • Ozzie is the official mascot of Ozzie Collectables! Ozzie is a blonde, Pop!-ified, cape-wearing superhero known most definitively by his iconic ‘O’. Ozzie spends his time fighting crime and scouring the globe to bring you the best, latest, and rarest in collectable goods!

Ozzie Collectables

  • A small team comprised of a few select individuals with one goal: bringing our world of collecting into yours! Ozzie specialises in rare, vaulted, and exclusive collectable items, namely Pop! Vinyls, trading cards, action figures, and more! Check back regularly with our Latest Additions page to see all new stock as it becomes available to us, including Ozzie exclusive bundle deals, sales, Pop! Asia, Funko Shop exclusive, and vaulted Pop! Vinyls.


Ozzie Coins

  • Ozzie Coins or #OzzieCoins refers to Ozzie Collectables’ tiered loyalty program in which customers can partake in a number of different activities to earn points called ‘ozzie coins’ at three different levels which can be exchanged for a number of prizes including discount codes and free items! Log into your account at ozziecollectables.com.au and select ‘check rewards’ at the bottom of your screen to see how you can get rewarded today!





  • Refers to a soft or stuffed toy or collectable item.


Pocket Pop!

  • A line of Pop! Vinyl variants which are smaller in size. Also comes in Pocket Pop! Keychains.


Pop! Asia

  • A line of Pop! Vinyls exclusive to the Asian market and Asian conventions. Ozzie specialises in many rare collectables, including a collection of Pop! Asia exclusives!


Pop Protector

  • A soft plastic case that fits a Pop! Vinyl, protecting box quality. These come in a variety of sizes and also come in a hard vinyl style for extra protection. Ozzie often includes protector cases at no additional cost to customers when shipping out Pop! Vinyls for orders!


Pop! Vinyl

  • A collectable item produced by Funko. Various characters from many different fandoms are all depicted in a stylised way with the trademark round, black eyes. Pop! Vinyls are made of a coloured vinyl and come in small cardboard boxes. Regular Pop! Vinyls are four inches tall and retail at an average of AUD$18.99, but can vary in price, size, and appearance.



  • Pop Price Guide. This refers to an online system in which customers can receive an estimated average price for a Pop! Vinyl product.



  • Pre-order refers to an item which is not currently in stock but will be released at a later date. Customers have the option of ‘pre-ordering’ an item, in which they pay in full for the item and receive it as soon as it is released.







  • A ‘repair’ is similar to a customisation or DIY and refers to the act of altering a Pop! Vinyl or its quality in some way. There is currently a discussion board for Pop! Vinyl ‘repairs’ on the Funko Funatic fan blog.



  • Replica refers to any collectable item which intends to mimic or appear to be the same or very similar to an item’s original, for example a replica prop from a television show or movie. E.g. a replica weapon, replica horror doll, or replica costume item.



  • Restock refers to the act of putting something back into circulation or back into ‘stock’ after it has been sold. Restock may refer to the act of placing a product back into a status of availability once it has been returned by a customer due to a change of mind, or the act of a previously sold out product becoming once again available due to a newly added quantity.



  • A retailer is any business which sells a particular product other than the manufacturer and distributor. For example, in terms of Pop! Vinyls, Funko is the manufacturer and Ozzie Collectables is the retailer


Rides (Pop! Rides)

  • A spinoff series of Pop! Vinyls featuring characters in iconic vehicles, e.g. the Supernatural Pop! Ride features character Dean Winchester depicted in his ‘ride’ from the television show, his Chevy Impala dubbed ‘baby’.


Rock Candy

  • A collectable series by Funko, Rock Candy are stylised vinyl figures depicting mainly female characters from a variety of different fandoms. Although not as popular and not featuring as many variants as Pop! Vinyls, Rock Candy collectable figures are a favourite with many collectors for their ‘cute’, cartoonish, and slightly more proportional design.


Rocks (Pop! Rocks)

  • Refers to any Pop! Vinyl which depicts a musician or ‘rock star’, e.g. Kurt Cobain.





  • San Diego Comic Con.



  • Among our many exclusive items, Ozzie offers hand autographed or hand signed items where actors or voice actors have signed an item (usually a Pop! Vinyl) depicting a stylised version of the character that they played. All of Ozzie’s signed items comes with a certificate of authenticity which guarantees its legitimacy.



  • May refer to the height of a collectable item, most notably a Pop! Vinyl. Six inch Pop! Vinyls are larger than their regular, four-inch counterparts, and tend to depict larger characters, animals, or vehicles. Six inch Pop! Vinyls are not the largest currently being produced.


Sixth Scale

  • Refers to statues, action figures, replica items or any collectible which is intended to depict something at 1:6 scale to its original size.


Spastik Plastik

  • A line of collectable items by Funko depicting original Funko characters. Spastik Plastik tend to be popular collectable items due to their limited quantity and rarity.


Specialty Store

  • Refers to items which are unique/exclusive to Funko’s specialty store range.



  • Refers to an item, usually a Pop! Vinyl, which features on its box a special sticker proclaiming its exclusivity. E.g. a Hot Topic exclusive item imported directly from the store in the US may include a Hot Topic Exclusive sticker on its box.



  • The physical, bricks and mortar store through which a company operates. For example, Ozzie Collectables are a primarily online organisation, however we operate a showroom located at 2A 50 Princes Hwy, Eumemmerring, VIC 3177, Australia.


Sub Box

  • Subscription Box. Refer to ‘LOC’.


Summer Convention

  • Refers to New York Comic Con, which takes place in the US during the summer.



  • An Australian pop culture convention. Usually takes place around April. Ozzie Collectables attend most Melbourne-based pop culture conventions, and are currently attending Supanova as a retailer.


Support Staff

  • Refers to the awesome customer service team behind Ozzie! Ozzie Collectables offers 24/7 support via Facebook @ facebook.com/ozziecollectables or email @ support@ozziecollectables.com.au.



  • Series 1/ Series 2. Often when a new show/movie/series becomes popular and Funko releases a line of Pop! Vinyls, they may release a second line referred to as the ‘second series’ for this collection.




Television (Pop! Television)

  • Any item which depicts characters from a television show.



  • Toy Fair New York.



Two Pack

  • A box with two Pop! Vinyls packaged together.




US Exclusive

  • An exclusive item which does not ship to the US.





  • Variant may refer to two or more items which depict the same character with minor or major variations, e.g. there are several variations of Batman in the Pop! Vinyl range which depict the character in different styles of costume/ from different movies and comics, etc.



  • A ‘vaulted’ item is one which has been discontinued by Funko and is no longer produced. The Funko ‘vault’ is a collection of Pop! Vinyls which are no longer manufactured. Once an item is ‘vaulted’ it tends to go up in value amongst collectors due to its rarity and now-limited quantity.



  • A kind of plastic which is used for many collectable items, e.g. Pop! Vinyls.


Vinyl Vixens

  • A small collectable range by Funko similar to Rock Candy in style but larger in size which depicts exclusively female DC characters. The Vinyl Vixens range is a spinoff of Funko’s Vinyl Idolz range.




Wacky Wobblers

  • Funko’s very first and original collectable range. Wacky Wobblers are a series of stylised bobble heads depicting various characters from a variety of fandoms.


Walker Stalker

  • A zombie-celebrating Walking Dead convention.



  • Wave may refer to a group of items which were released in one group by a manufacturer. E.g. Funko may release fifty items for a convention but announce ten at a time in five different ‘waves’.



  • A fictional forest created by Funko for their range of ‘Pop! Monsters’. The Wetmore forest range are a series of Funko Shop exclusive items depicting six original Wetmore Forest ‘monster’ characters. Wetmore Pop! Vinyls, along with other Funko exclusives, are popular amongst collectors for their limited quantity and exclusivity.











  • 8-bit may refer to the ‘pixelated’ stylised range of Pop! Vinyls depicting a variety of different characters. The term 8-bit itself comes from a term describing the method of a computer displaying an image file so that each pixel is represented by one 8-bit byte, leading to this ‘pixelated’ style.



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