Pop! Vinyl Collections Sales FAQ

Q. Does Ozzie Collectables buy second-hand Funko collections?

A. Yes! We are currently interested in purchasing second-hand, in-box Funko Pop! Vinyl collections.

Q. What about other collectable items, such as action figures or vintage memorabilia?

A. We are currently interested in Pop! Vinyl or Pokémon TCG collections only.

Q. What do I need to do to sell my Pop! Vinyl collection to you?

A. Ideally, we recommend having your collection catalogued on Hobby DB's Pop Price Guide. Or alternatively, you can use the Funko app. Once you have your entire collection catalogued, reach out to us with a link to your collection either via Facebook or our support email and a team member will review your case.

Q. I have my collection written down on a spreadsheet/not via one of the recommended apps. Is that okay?

A. In order to provide an accurate assessment of your collection, we currently require that all collections are logged via either HobbyDB's Pop Price Guide or the Funko app to be considered.

Q. I've logged my collection, but can't figure out how to share it with you.

A. Once you've finished scanning your collection via HobbyDB, you can send us a shareable URL via the 'showcase' option. Please ensure you're selecting the link icon to copy your shareable URL, which you can then paste into the body of your email. For more information on how to use HobbyDB's cataloguing system, please see this helpful guide on their website: https://help.hobbydb.com/support/solutions/articles/36000183539-getting-started-with-your-showcase
Alternatively, if you've used the Funko app, you can use the link icon up top to copy your Funko app URL. Please ensure that this link is fully visible and accessible in the body of your email, and does not embed into a hyperlink. You can find out more about how to use the Funko app's cataloguing system here: https://funko.com/funko-app.html

Q. I've scanned my collection, and the app has given me an estimated value. Is this how much you'll pay for my collection?

A. Management make offers based on the overall value of your collection, including re-sell value; in the interest of transparency, we are typically not able to offer market value for every item and always recommend selling the items individually via eBay, Buy/Sell/Trade groups etc if this is what you're after. Our offer is also based on the perceived value of your collection based on our inventory on hand.

Q. I've catalogued a rough approximation of my collection, but have missed a few items or selected the wrong variants for a few. Is that okay?

A. Please note any offers are based on the assumption that your collection is in mint condition and correctly catalogued. This includes the box stickers needing to exactly match the variants selected, the correct number of items needing to match the catalogue, and all items being mint in box unless otherwise specified.

Q. I only want to sell one or a couple items. Is this okay?

A. We currently purchase collections, not individual items. As a general rule we will not consider most collections with 10 items or less.

Q. What do you consider mint condition?

A. What is considered to be 'mint condition' can vary, but in general is considered to be an item with no significant wear or tear, creasing, sun damage, sticker residue, or visible damage to either the item inside or the packaging itself. We understand that older, vaulted items may become subject to standard wear and tear over time and as such request that you send detailed photos of anything deemed not 'mint condition' in order for your collection to be considered. We may request these photos after making an offer, and the offer may be reduced if we find that one or more items are not in mint condition.

Q. The stickers on my boxes are different to the stickers scanning in on the app. Is this okay?

A. All offers are made with the assumption that your catalogued collection is accurate. Different box stickers may wildly affect the market value of your item, and as such any items found to have a sticker other than the one selected in the catalogue may result in our offer needing to be lowered to reflect the new perceived value of your collection. If you cannot find the correctly stickered variant for a particular item on the app, we ask that you let us know up front so that we can take this into consideration when making a potential offer.

Q. Ozzie Collectables have made an offer and I'm happy to accept it. What do I need to do from here?

A. From here, we'll get you to photograph the items in your collection in one group shot and send this through to us for review. We're most interested in seeing if there's any damage, creases, tears, bumps etc. In which case please also photograph these damaged items individually and send them through for review. Please note that even minor wear and tear such as price stickers, sticker residue, discolouration or box creasing is considered to be damage and will need to be photographed for review. We'll review the photo(s) to ascertain condition, and to ensure that the box stickers match the variants selected on the cataloguing app. From there if all is as expected we will ask you to pack these for shipping, ideally in large boxes with plenty of padding to avoid damage. If you can, please kindly pack these at around 36 items per shipping box. We will typically provide one prepaid shipping label for every 36 items. Here is a helpful packing guide for avoiding damage during transit. After this, we will send through shipping labels to you via email. Or we can arrange for you to bring your collection to us in-store. Please note if dropping your collection off in-store, you will still need to ensure they are securely packed in boxes with your name visible on each box. We do not offer on the spot payment and the collection will still undergo the full review process. If shipping the collection to us, you will need to print the labels, stick them on each box and lodge the parcels with the labels at your local post office. They will provide you a receipt once you have done this. Please take a photo of this receipt and send this through to us. To send your shipping label, we will need the following information: full name, email address, residential/shipping address, phone number, number of shipping boxes. Once we receive your collection, we will review it and if all is as expected, we'll arrange the payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Q. Can I just bring my collection in-store for you guys to look at?

A. We do not offer in-person appraisals of Pop! Vinyl collections. If you'd like to drop your collection off in-store, you'll still need to catalogue it first and undergo the review process. We'll let you know once we're ready for you to drop it off.

Q. Can I request payment up front?

A. All payments are made only once the entire collection has been received and thoroughly checked by the Ozzie Collectables team.

Q. What if the items become damaged or lost during transit?

A. Ozzie Collectables is not responsible for the handling of your collection during transit, and the subsequent damage or misplacement of any items may incur a lower offer or the original offer becoming void. We strongly advise you to pack your items with the utmost care following the suggested guide above and to carefully follow your tracking information with Australia Post. Alternatively, you may choose to drop the collection off in-store instead.

Q. I live internationally. Can I still sell my collection?

A. Yes, however we will not be able to cover shipping fees. We also recommend trying to sell your collection locally first, as you may find this overall more cost effective.

Q. Do you check for fakes?

A. Yes, all items, especially high-value Pops or Pops with known fakes on the market, are thoroughly inspected for authenticity. Any items found to be inauthentic, replicas, unlicensed reproductions or similar may immediately render any offers void and Ozzie Collectables will not be responsible for any reimbursements of shipping costs used to send the collection to us. We strongly advise removing any suspected fakes from your collection, or having them authenticated first.

Q. What if I change my mind?

A. You reserve the right to change your mind or opt out of the sale at any stage prior to the collection being received, checked, and paid for by our team. Any changes made to your collection prior to this, including the removal of items from the catalogued collection, must be disclosed up front to our team so that any offers made are done so accurately. Any items found to be different than logged/described, missing, damaged, etc may result in the lowering of the agreed upon offer or may void the offer altogether.

Q. How long will it take to hear back?

A. In general, you can expect a response to your initial inquiry within 24-48 hours. From here we will pass your collection on to be reviewed by management. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and we ask that you remain patient in the meantime as rest assured a team member will be back in touch just as soon as we hear back with an assessment and potential offer from management.

Q. I've checked my tracking and can see that my collection arrived at Ozzie Collectables. When can I expect payment?

A. Please note there might be a minimum 3-5 business day wait time once we have your collection on hand in order to review it before we arrange payment. We'll be in touch as soon as your collection has been checked to arrange payment. If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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