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Battle Spirits Saga Card Game Collaboration Booster Display [CB01]

Battle Spirits Saga Card Game Collaboration Booster Display [CB01]

Ozzie Collectables

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Battle Spirits Saga's first ever collaboration booster set! With this you can construct a deck using only Evangelion cards

1) Recreate the Evangelion movies with your deck construction!

Using the cards in this set, you can construct three broad deck archetypes - Evangelion 13 decks, WILLE decks, and Angel decks. 

Make your decks even stronger by combining cards from this booster with the collaborative cards from BSS04 and other set cards!

2) Special Evangelion card frames!

These cards feature specially designed Evangelion card frames, which are different from the standard ones. Enjoy a fully immersive Evangelion card experience!

3) Three types of Saga Rare or higher rarity cards will be included!

This is the first set with three types of Saga Rares included! A new rarity that is higher than Saga Rare will also make its debut with this set!

4) The box topper contains a rare card from types in this booster set!

You can get one of this booster set's rare cards at random as a box topper! There's even one limited edition card among the types that can only be gotten as a box topper.


  • 171 Types
  • Common (normal/holo ver.) x 40
  • Uncommon (normal/holo ver.) x 20
  • Rare (normal/holo ver.) x 12
  • X Rare x 8
  • Special Rare x 15
  • Saga Rare x 3
  • ??? x 1


  • 1 Pack = 12 cards and 1 token card
  • 1 Display Box = 24 Packs
  • 1 Case = 12 Displays
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