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Bayonetta - Scarbourough Fair Thyme Replica

Bayonetta - Scarbourough Fair Thyme Replica

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Bayonetta - Scarbourough Fair Thyme Replica

"These babies are special. Built from an alloy the Devil himself would kill to get his hands on. Don't break these, 'cuz they're one of a kind." - RODIN, Bayonetta The Scarborough Fair is a set of four guns crafted by the famed demon-smith Rodin. The four, dubbed Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, are now wielded by Bayonetta after receiving it as a gift from Rodin. Each gun can easily be distinguished by the colored jewel on its sides: green for Parsley, pink for Sage, blue for Rosemary, and white for Thyme. Each gun also has a uniquely designed chain dangling by the gun's grip, which is made out of metal in this prop replica for a more realistic finish. Lastly, just like in the game, each gun has Rodin's copyright engraved on it - "Scarborough Fair by Rodin" - and underneath that the guns' name: "Parsley, ever joyous"; "Sage, ever strong"; "Rosemary, ever reminiscent"; and "Thyme, ever courageous"! The design of the base is inspired by the baroque style and décor of Rodin's bar, The Gates of Hell. The base was also given a metallic gold finish to complement the guns' gold details and metallic look! Bayonetta - Thyme Prop Replica (Standard Edition) comes with the following: - Bayonetta - Thyme Prop Replica resin painted statue- - Highly detailed base inspired by the Bayonetta art style - Limited edition numbering - Authentication card

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