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Coatl The Card Game

Coatl The Card Game

Synapses Games


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We must please the Aztec gods. Contenders will compete in a race for prestige to prove their worth and win the gods’ favor. Will you be the one to create the most beautiful painting of the feathered snake known as the Cóatl and stand out, gaining the coveted title of High Priest?

In Cóatl The Card Game, players try to paint the most beautiful and valuable serpent. The serpent, or Cóatl, is made up of a head, a tail and a certain number of body cards.

During their turn, players will play 2 cards to create, then claim, any available patterns. If you complete a pattern that another player already possesses, you will steal it from them and display it in front of you. You score more points if you create the same pattern more than once and you may be able to eventually protect that pattern so that it cannot be stolen by any other players.

One game lasts 5 rounds. When the last player completes their Cóatl, the player with the most victory points wins. Players can earn additional victory points if they fulfill the requirements listed on a Temple card.

—description from the designer

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