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Conan RPG - Location Cards

Conan RPG - Location Cards

Ozzie Collectables

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The vistas of the Hyborian Age are full of adventure and the potential for danger! This deck contains 54 cards showcasing classic locations to explore in Conan’s world. Each card has an evocative piece of art and a quote from Robert E. Howard’s work, and includes Fortune, Momentum and Doom spends for that location.

  • A total of 54 full colour cards detailing all sorts of locations like a tavern, a jail cell, a treasure room, or wilderness areas such as a jungle or a valley.
  • A picture and a quote to evoke the feel of each given location, and an appropriate Fortune, Momentum and Doom spend it.
  • As a gamemaster, you can use these to prepare beforehand, or draw randomly if that suits your gamemastering style.
  • Packaged in a tuckbox that makes for easy carrying to your gaming table.
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