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Detective Rummy

Detective Rummy


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Detective Rummy is a Rummy-style card game for 2 to 4 players, with a storytelling element revealed in a series of 7 different cases. Players take the roles of Detectives vying to solve the cases and gain fame.

Immersive noir setting: The story begins at the legendary Rummy Detective Agency, and each case takes you to various locations to solve a crime, including the diner with the best doughnuts in town, the cozy Quarter to 3 Bar, a ritzy fashion emporium, the circus, the most elite jazz nightclub in town, and more!

Campaign and Standalone modes: The cases in Detective Rummy can be played in two different ways: Campaign Mode and Case Mode. In Campaign Mode, you play all 7 cases in order. In Case Mode, you can play Cases 2 to 6 as standalone Detective Rummy games one at a time.

Play it again and again: Since there are new Game Changer cards in each case that are discovered in different orders (if at all) each time you play, cases will never resolve the same way twice. You can play both the campaign mode or the individual cases as many times as you like!

Packed with gameplay, and using classic mechanics at its core, Detective Rummy will have you racing to crack the case!



1 Rulebook

1 Casebook

2 Score Pads

6 Double-Sided Detective placards

150 Detective Tokens

24 Skill Tokens

16 Item Tokens

16 Bad Blood Tokens

4 Double-Sided Locations

7 Double-Sided Suspects

6 Lawyers

10 Assignment Tiles

123 Evidence Cards

60 Game Changer Cards

1 Danger/Round Track

1 Danger and 1 Round Marker

3 Skill Dice

4 Turn Summary Cards

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