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Disney - Peter Pan Vs Hook 1:10 Scale Statue

Disney - Peter Pan Vs Hook 1:10 Scale Statue

Iron Studios

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Disney - Peter Pan Vs Hook 1:10 Scale Statue

ETA: 31 October 2024

Facing the sword of the old captain with his small dagger, which he wields with great dexterity, the boy with reddish hair, thick eyebrows, brown eyes, and pointy elf-like ears, wearing a short-sleeved green tunic, olive green trousers, and sienna moccasin shoes, flies not only dueling with the pirate with long black hair, thin mustache, and red coat, but also having fun in the fight with his rival, because, when you never grow up, life is nothing more than fun, whim, and adventure. Underneath his feet, the one-handed villain balances in the bow of his ship, the Jolly Roger. Expanding even further their collection of statues celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary, Iron Studios present the statue "Peter Pan Vs Hook - Disney Classics 100 Years - Art Scale 1:10", with the classic conflict of the boy hero against the vengeful mean pirate.

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