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Drawing Without Dignity Expansion Pack 1

Drawing Without Dignity Expansion Pack 1

TwoPointOh Games

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Drawing Without Dignity Expansion Pack 1

  • Introduces a WILD new mechanic to the adult party game Drawing Without Dignity!
  • 54-card expansion pack includes 8 WILD cards, more than 200 new clues, and 4 blank cards (to add your own crappy content)
  • Requires the ridiculously awesome main Drawing Without Dignity game to play
  • One of the newest party games for adults that leaves you shocked and laughing at your friends' knowledge of inappropriate things and their mad (lack of) quick drawing skills
  • Also amazing for bachelorette parties, coasters, luggage tags, adventurous position suggestions, and 54-card pickup (but we still recommend buying the main game)

The first official Expansion Pack for Drawing Without Dignity has arrived! This 54-card pack brings new clues, new artwork, and a NEW WILD mechanic to your game night!

Have you ever played Drawing Without Dignity and wished you could choose which clue on the card to draw (without cheating, of course)? Well, you asked, and now thou shalt receive! Shuffle our new WILD cards (as well as the new clue cards) in with the main game; if you draw a WILD card during your turn, pick the next card and CHOOSE ANY CLUE to draw!

Is it crass and/or full of slang? Yep, still crass and contains shloads of slang. Is this like Cards Against Humanity? Nope, still not like Cards Against Humanity. However, we do think those who enjoy party games for adults will enjoy Drawing Without Dignity (and this first Expansion Pack).

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