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Fantasia - Chernabog Pop! Vinyl #43

Fantasia - Chernabog Pop! Vinyl #43



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Fantasia - Chernabog Pop! Vinyl; Box Condition - 6.5

Fantasia - Chernabog Pop! Vinyl #43 is a highly detailed and collectible figure that pays tribute to one of Disney's most iconic villains. Measuring approximately 6 inches tall, this pop vinyl figure captures the menacing and powerful presence of Chernabog perfectly.

The figure is expertly crafted from high-quality vinyl and features deep, rich colors that make it stand out from the rest. Chernabog's black wings are rendered in stunning detail, and his facial features are sculpted to perfection, giving him a sinister expression that perfectly captures his dark and malevolent personality.

This pop vinyl figure comes dressed in Chernabog's signature black robes, complete with a hood that adds to his ominous appearance. The figure also features a pair of yellow eyes that seem to glow in the dark, making it even more menacing.

Fans of Fantasia will appreciate the attention to detail in this figure, from the intricate sculpting on the robes to the carefully painted details on Chernabog's face. This figure is a must-have for collectors of pop vinyl figures and fans of the classic Disney film.

Fantasia - Chernabog Pop! Vinyl #43 is packaged in a window display box that allows you to showcase the figure without removing it from the packaging. The box features stunning artwork inspired by the film, making it an excellent addition to any Disney or pop culture collection.

This pop vinyl figure is a stunning tribute to one of Disney's most memorable villains, and it's sure to be a highlight of any collection. With its impeccable attention to detail and high-quality construction, the Fantasia - Chernabog Pop! Vinyl #43 is a must-have for fans of the franchise and collectors of pop vinyl figures alike.

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