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Hula Hoo!

Hula Hoo!


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Hula Hoo!

Animals from around the world are gathering for the hula hoop championships. Their goal is to keep up the hoop for as long as possible.

This is represented by cards. The goal is to get rid of all of your cards; or make all other players drop out ("drop their hoop").
Each player starts with five cards in their hand, plus five cards openly in front of them. When it's their turn, they can choose to play one of their open cards or one from their hand. The first player plays any card and demands the next player to play "higher" or "lower". A player can follow this, or "double" - play the same card as the player before them. Then everyone has to double (or break the double with a neighboring card or a joker. A player who cannot play drops their hoop and is out of the round.

When only one player is left, or when one player has gotten rid of all their cards, they get as many cards as have been played in that round. First player to reach 77 points wins the game.

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