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Jurassic World - Mosasaurus Icons

Jurassic World - Mosasaurus Icons

Iron Studios

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Jurassic World - Mosasaurus Icons

ETA: 31 August 2023

While they were testing a prototype iron analyzer, InGen researchers found fragments of DNA in a recently discovered species. Believing that the only way to recreate aquatic organisms without extracting blood from mosquitoes trapped in amber would be through a prototype parser, Dr. Henry Wu successfully managed to recreate an aquatic giant with a bite force bigger than a T-Rex. Living in a pool with 3 million gallons of water in the dinosaur park Jurassic World, where visitors could see him feed on sharks in a sort of aquatic show, or through an aquarium underneath the lagoon known as Underwater Observatory, Iron Studios bring to fans and collectors the chance to introduce it into your collection with the statue "Mosasaurus - Jurassic World - Icons", revealing this pre-historic titan of the seas in all its magnitude, emerging above the waves and capturing with its gigantic jaws one of its favorite preys, a giant white shark.

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