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King of Tokyo Monster Box

King of Tokyo Monster Box


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King of Tokyo Monster Box

King of Tokyo, the Power Up! and Halloween expansions, and more...

2–6 Players  |  30 Min  |  Age: 8+

Key Features: Dice Rolling, Die Icon Resolution, King of the Hill, Open Drafting, Player Elimination, Push Your Luck, Re-rolling and Locking, Take That, Variable Player Powers


The whole King of Tokyo shebang in one Monster Box.

The fight for dominating the city of Tokyo has never been so competitive! This explosive Monster Box is filled with fun and adrenaline! Get King of Tokyo and all of its indispensable Power Up! and Halloween expansions for hours and hours of smashes. Use your Monster's Evolution Cards to get even more special properties, and dress them up for even more fun! The Monster Box also comes with a brand new version of Gigazaur, exclusive cards and a new dice tray, some much needed bonuses to destroy Tokyo in style!

With the Monster Box awesome content, smash like never before!

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