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Marvel Comics - Beginnings Trading Cards (Display of 15)

Marvel Comics - Beginnings Trading Cards (Display of 15)

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Marvel Comics - Beginnings Trading Cards (Display of 15)

ETA: 30 June 2022

*final quantities not guaranteed and will be subject to allocation as per supplier Marvel Beginnings Returns! Marvel Beginnings merges throwback inspired history of the Marvel Universe filled with everyone's favorite characters. Ranging back from 1939 to present day, with new technology and thematic designs to showcase fan favorite characters, incredibly rare comic clippings, and creator autographs from Marvel Legends. Huge 180 Card Base Set! Look for Ultra-rare Purple Rainbow Reality #'d 1 of 1 Hobby Exclusive #'d Blue Rainbow Cosmic Cube Parallel! Search for First Appearance Variants Cards- Rare, Super-Rare, Hyper-Rare! Rare Character Autographs from Legendary Comic Creator Legendary Signature Comic Clippings Booklet Cards Pack Hits (On Average) 2 Base Set Parallel Cards 1 Themed Insert Card from the following Deep Lore- Weapons Plus Team Formations Cosmic Alpha A Point in Time Box Hits (On Average) 2 Rainbow Foil Parallels 3 Illustration Board Cards 3 Flipped FX Cards Case Hits (On Average) 1 Original Sketch Card 2 Comic Clippings 2 Rare Comic Creator Autographs 2-3 First Appearance Variant Cards 4-5 Flipped FX #'d Light FX Cards

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