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Mrs Wordsmith Vocabularious Card Game. Ages 7–11 (Key Stage 2) (UK)

Mrs Wordsmith Vocabularious Card Game. Ages 7–11 (Key Stage 2) (UK)

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Engage kids' imaginations and creative storytelling with a laugh-out-loud card game!

Do you have the words to describe a nervous sidekick? An attention-seeking unicorn? A dangerously spicy sauce? May the best storyteller win!

Storyteller's Card Game, for ages 7+, teaches rich, descriptive vocabulary to help kids write brilliant stories.

Featuring more than 200 hilariously illustrated word cards and 150 story prompts designed to fire kids' imaginations - this game is guaranteed to boost vocabulary and make your whole family explode with laughter!

Developed with childhood literacy experts to ensure children learn the right words in the right way.

About the Author

Mrs Wordsmith is the world's silliest learning company. They combine proven learning science with Hollywood-quality animation and state-of-the-art game design to create books, card games, worksheets, and video games that improve the literacy outcomes of kids aged 4-11. Guided by the conviction that educational resources should be every bit as exciting and hilarious as the movies kids watch and the games kids play, Mrs Wordsmith's products provide a premium, modern learning experience that is more motivating and more fun than any other.

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