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Okami - Oki (Human Form) Statue

Okami - Oki (Human Form) Statue

First 4 Figures


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Okami - Oki (Human Form) Statue

ETA: 31 May 2024

First 4 Figures proudly presents the high-quality resin statue of Okami's Oki in human form. Oki is a fierce fighter that teams up with Amaterasu to save Nippon from evil demonic forces. Okami is renowned for its unique art style, inspired by Japanese Sumi-e illustrations. This statue is a rendition of Oki's human form and stays true to his video game appearance as he wields his sword during the fight in his home in Kamui. Also depicted in the statue is the life-saving bonfire that shelters Okami during a blizzard, which also happens to be Oki's. Oki is depicted as ready for battle, with his signature sword, Kutone, prepared to strike. Okami - Oki (Human Form) includes: - Premium Painted Resin Statue of Oki in Human Form - Battle-ready pose and Kutone sword in his hand - Detailed base inspired by Oki’s frigid village of Kamui - Limited Edition Numbering - Authentication Card

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