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Pokemon - Poke Ball Prop Replica

Pokemon - Poke Ball Prop Replica

The Wand Company


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Pokemon - Poke Ball Prop Replica

This high quality, accurate Poké Ball is the first officially-licensed premium collectible replica for Pokémon fans. The Poké Ball's engineered die cast metal shell has a deeply coloured surface that is sensitive to touch and proximity. With its brightly glowing button and lift-to-display illuminated presentation case, this Poké Ball is the long-awaited collectible for Pokémon fans and the start of an exciting Poké Ball collection. Equipped with touch and proximity-sensing technology, the Poké Ball's button glows when it senses motion and glows extra brightly when the ball is touched. Pressing the button starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence; double-clicking it changes the light colour from white to red and then green. These display-grade Poké Balls are ideal for collectors: each replica comes with its own presentation case, authenticated by a uniquely-numbered hologram and a polished stainless steel ring so that you can display your Poké Ball exactly how you'd like to. Lights in the display case automatically illuminate when it is opened, bathing the Poké Ball in a softly swirling glow. Adjust the colour of the light using the touch-sensitive name plaque on the front of the case to choose one of seven different hues. Quality materials: Display-grade replica with a finely detailed metal shell and a deeply coloured, high-gloss lacquer finish Engaging: Beautifully brought to life with touch and proximity sensing Immersive: Brightly glowing button and animated, multicolour case illumination Display grade: Opening the presentation case lifts the Poké Ball for display Seriously collectible: The first of a range of premium collectible Poké Balls, each one uniquely numbered and officially licensed by The Pokémon Company International Hidden accessory: Highly polished stainless steel display ring

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