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Sonic - Tails Statue

Sonic - Tails Statue

First 4 Figures


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Sonic - Tails Statue

ETA: 31 March 2024

First 4 Figures proudly presents the high-quality resin statue of Sonic The Hedgehog's Miles "Tails" Prower! Tails fights side-by-side with Sonic against the nefarious Dr. Eggman. First appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 1992, this bright, energetic, and brave fox is still inseparable from Sonic! This statue features Tails faithfully recreated in his modern video game appearance. Everything, from the amber-orangish fur on the top of his head to the iconic red and white shoes on his feet, is accurate to what fans expect from the one and only Tails! Sonic The Hedgehog - Tails includes: - Premium Painted Resin Statue of Tails - Energetic pose with him leaping into the air - Brilliantly colored base inspired by the Miles Electric handheld gadget

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