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Streamer Standoff

Streamer Standoff

Maestro Media


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In Streamer Standoff, 2-4 players take on the role of budding influencers in a race to 20 million subscribers. Combine content to match current trends, building your channel and gaining subscribers. The first to reach 20M subs wins!

Each turn, play Content Cards to combine ideas into videos, attempting to match the current hot Trends in the middle of the table. Are Comedy and Gaming both significant right now? Combine your “Sibling Pranks…” card with your “...In Fortnite” card to release the perfect video and rake in subscribers.

But watch out, other players are racing to cash in on the same trends. Wait too long, and another streamer may seize your opportunity, or the winds of popular culture may shift, and what’s hot today may be over by tomorrow.

Build up your channel’s reputation and become known for certain types of content to make it easier to capture that kind of audience in the future, and snag valuable Collab Opportunities with top brands.

And don’t assume your fellow streamers will always play nice! Gain secret Influence Tokens that let you take special actions, such as sabotaging a trend, stealing a card, or hitting another player’s video with a DMCA Takedown!

Use each turn wisely and be the first to transition from internet obscurity to streamer greatness!

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