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The Lord of the Rings - Saruman the White Wizard Statue

The Lord of the Rings - Saruman the White Wizard Statue


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The Lord of the Rings - Saruman the White Wizard Statue

ETA: 31 March 2024

In the sanctum of Orthanc, Saruman's pride swelled like a storm-tossed sea, and it was there that the seeds of his treachery and covetousness took root, casting an ominous shadow upon the land. Chief of the Istari, the order of Wizards dispatched to Middle-earth on a solemn quest to rouse its inhabitants against the looming menace of Sauron's resurgence, Saruman stood as a being of profound cunning and might. Yet, in the end, it was the Wizard's towering pride that proved to be his most grievous flaw, ultimately paving the way for his corruption and subsequent downfall. Introducing the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship: Saruman the White Wizard, brought to life in exquisite detail by Weta's master sculptors. Every stroke of the brush, every delicate etching, and every nuanced texture within his robes has been painstakingly crafted to capture the essence of Middle-earth's most notorious wizard. The resplendent intricacies of his flowing beard, the intensity in his piercing gaze, and the powerful aura that surrounds him are all meticulously recreated, making this collectible statue a true testament to the dedication of Weta's artists. Features: - 1:6 scale; - Made from high-quality polystone; - Signature pose and clothing; - Created using references to the original props and costume.

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