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The Marvels (2023) Bundle - 6 POP! Vinyls

The Marvels (2023) Bundle - 6 POP! Vinyls


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The Marvels (2023) Bundle - 6 POP! Vinyls

ETA: 31 Aug 2023

The Marvels (2023) - Prince Yan Pop! Vinyl
The Marvels (2023) - Captain Marvel Pop! Vinyl
The Marvels (2023) - Dar-Benn Pop! Vinyl
The Marvels (2023) - Photon Pop! Vinyl
The Marvels (2023) - Ms. Marvel Pop! Vinyl
The Marvels (2023) - Nick Fury Pop! Vinyl

Embark on an extraordinary adventure through the Marvel Cinematic Universe with The Marvels (2023) Bundle - a collection of 6 POP! Vinyls that brings iconic characters to life! Join forces with Prince Yan, the enigmatic and powerful hero from the realms beyond. Unleash the cosmic might of Captain Marvel as she soars through the skies. Witness the enigmatic warrior, Dar-Benn, as he fights for justice. Harness the radiant energy of Photon and revel in her awe-inspiring prowess. Embrace the legacy of Ms. Marvel, a beacon of hope and empowerment. And lastly, put your trust in the ever-watchful Nick Fury, the mastermind behind it all. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these POP! Vinyls capture the essence of The Marvels (2023) film, making them a must-have for every Marvel fan and a proud addition to any collection. Get ready to assemble and celebrate the extraordinary heroes and their journeys with this captivating bundle!

These items come packaged in Pop Protectors free of charge to keep them safe in transit.

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