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The Shadow Regent (Paperback)

The Shadow Regent (Paperback)

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A god has fallen. A throne sits empty. And ambitious schemers plot in the shadows.

Continuing in the aftermath of events of The Wizard King Trilogy, this standalone story delves deeper into the Tralodren cosmos and the gods who call it home, revealing the formation of a new era for both god and mortal alike.

The battle has ended, but the pantheon has survived at a terrible cost. Bereft of both Gurthghol and Vkar’s throne, they’re now weaker and more defenseless than ever. Yet even as the pantheon seek their footing, three new gods will be added to the family, further disrupting the former order.

And then there are the others—both inside the pantheon and out—eager for more power, who will make their moves for greater glory and dominion in this time of divine recovery and realignment.

Plots and plotters, schemers and plans—all will have their day and way. And the cosmos shall never be the same. To the victor shall go the spoils. To the pantheon comes a new order. And for Tralodren, a new age shall arise.

Welcome to Tralodren, a world rich in history, faith, and tales of adventure—of which this story is but one of many.

“This is a book that you want to take your time with and enjoy all the little details. The author has created such a rich world… It was fun watching all the different characters with their secrets and agendas, and waiting to see who would succeed.”—BansheeMyth

“As with Corrie’s prior works, the world-building aspects here are tremendous… In addition to the fantasy elements, the book packs plenty of political intrigue and character development, which would certainly appeal to fans of the genre, such as ‘Game of Thrones’. ”—Geek’d-Out

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