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Truth or Drink What Up Fam Expansion Pack

Truth or Drink What Up Fam Expansion Pack

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Truth or Drink What Up Fam Expansion Pack

The Truth or Drink game series helps you skip small talk and get down to the good stuff. The What Up Fam expansion pack is an all-new set of all-too-revealing questions, designed specifically for familiesor, any group of folks whove known one another for a long time.

Each card features two questions, so you can pick the best one for the moment. The person being asked can either answer the question, or take a drink!

In addition, a set of You Should Know This cards tests your knowledge about the other people playing.

Whether you play with your given family or a chosen family of close friends, What Up Fam questions are just spicy enough to keep things interesting, without ruining the mood.

What Up Fam can be played alongside the original Truth or Drink game, or, as a standalone game with just the cards included in this deck.

Players 2+ 30-60 minutes Ages 18+

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