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In Tuned, you want to get your animal band in order so that they'll be ready to play — and although you're competing for space in the practice room with another band, you can incorporate all the musicians in your quest for the right arrangement.

To set up, each player takes two donkeys, two dogs, two cats, and one rooster. Place the rooster on the "move a figure" action space on your side of the 3x3 game board, leaving your two "add a figure" actions exposed.

On a turn, move your rooster to an open action space on your side of the board. If you choose "add", then place one of your figures on the board by following the placement rules:

Place a donkey only on an empty space.
Place a dog on an empty space or on an unencumbered donkey.
Place a cat on an empty space or on an unencumbered dog.

For a "move" action, choose an animal on the game board and move it to a new location while following the placement rules. You can move a portion of a stack; you cannot reverse the opponent's previous move.

As soon as a player creates an orthogonal or diagonal row with three of the same animals on top, that player wins. If a player is forced to add an animal (because their rooster occupies the lone "move" action) but cannot, they lose.

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