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WarLock Tiles - Expansion Box 1

WarLock Tiles - Expansion Box 1

WizKids Games

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WarLock Tiles - Expansion Box 1

The highly anticipated WarLock Dungeon Tiles from WizKids are finally available for release! After a year of R&D, Wizkids has perfected the dungeon tile. The WarLock Dungeon Tile system solves many of the problems present with other tile systems. The WarLock' clips allow players to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed. 1" tall walls make it easier for players to move pieces around in the room as they play. Offset walls provide you with the ability to place figures in any square on the grid, without pesky corners eating into your play area. Experience a perfect, continuous grid through the entire play space with our patented, modular, ultra-slim interior walls. Additionally, all tiles are reversible with wood design on one side and stone on the other for double the functionality! WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I adds more of the essentials to build out your gameplay environment. More walls, clips, doors, and pillars to build more complex dungeons and scenarios. Fully compatible with all other WarLock Tile products. Key Features: Modular High Utility (Double-Sided) Extraordinary Definition Fantastic Value FLGS Release (No KickStarter) Works With Existing WizKids Products This set includes: 4x - 2" Straight Stone Walls 3x - 2" Straight Plaster Walls 4x - 2" Straight Stone Interior Walls 6x - 2" Straight Plaster Interior Walls 1x - 1" Exterior Stone Wall Doors 1x - 1" Exterior Plaster Wall Doors 1x - 2" Exterior Stone Wall Door 1x - 2" Exterior Plaster Wall Door 2x - 1" Stone Interior Wall Door 2x - 1" Plaster Interior Wall Door 4x - Stone Corner Pillars 4x - Wood Corner Pillars 1x - Inside Corner Stone Walls 1x - Inside Corner Plaster Walls 1x - Outside Corner Stone Walls 1x - Outside Corner Plaster Walls 50x - WarLock Clips

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