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Wetmore Forest - Bugsy Wingnut (Winter) Pop! Plush

Wetmore Forest - Bugsy Wingnut (Winter) Pop! Plush


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Wetmore Forest - Bugsy Wingnut (Winter) Pop! Plush

Wetmore is a dense and mysterious Forest, a place where wonder and adventure happen nearly every day! Meet Snuggle-Tooth and her colourful little band of monsters who live and play together among the misty moss-covered trees, with little dwellings built into stumps, burls and logs. Now it seems the beauty of Winter has hit Wetmore and its inhabitants couldn't be more excited! This Plush features Bugsy Wingnut. Only the keen eyed explorer will set eyes on a Pop! Monster. And only the keenest of eyes will ever find Bugsy Wingnut. This nervous nelly is always out of sight and shrinking into the shadows of the rainforest. Be it high in a tree or under a rock, it’s the nooks and knots of trees that he feels most at home. Being the baby of the group, the other critters keep a watchful eye on him no matter where he might be hiding. He comes complete with his snow white Winter fur.

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