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Zombicide Black Plague Thundercats Pack #1

Zombicide Black Plague Thundercats Pack #1

Zombicide Black Plague


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The races of Third Earth were unprepared for Mumm-Ra's sudden assault, and even more unprepared for the turn it took. For Mumm-Ra had mastered not only technology, but necromancy as well! If there's any hope of survival, Lion-O, Cheetara, and Snarf must battle against the villainous Slithe and his zombie hordes for control of Thundera. Powerful artifacts will aid thier battle, such as the Sword of Omens, the Claw Shield, Cheetara's signature Bo Staff, and Slithe's custom Battleaxe. But, in the end, it will be their strength of will and fearsome resolve that sees them to victory!

This product appeals to fans of the Zombicide Black Plague and Zombicide Green Horde series who want to add-on beautiful miniatures and enhance their Zombicide gameplay experience.

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