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Battle Systems - Core Space - Add-Ons - Core Space Gates of Ry'sa Expansion

Battle Systems - Core Space - Add-Ons - Core Space Gates of Ry'sa Expansion

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The Gates of Ry'sa are a network of interlinked portals to other worlds, times or alternate realities. This expansion for Core Space: First Born adds one of these gates to the game along with powerful new First Born threats – the Talos and the Cerberosa.

The new narrative campaign sees your Traders attempt to secure one of these gates for themselves before passing through it to reach yet more undiscovered treasures in the more distant asteroid bases. New equipment and mining opportunities await amongst the incredible new terrain pieces that will form an eye-catching centrepiece to your gaming table. New Event Cards represent the reality-shifting nature of the nearby gate, and the deadly attacks of the new First Born NPCs are resolved with brand new dice!

Requires the Core Space: First Born Starter Set to play.



  • 2 Talos Miniatures
  • 3 Cerberosa Miniatures
  • 3 Character Boards
  • 4 Status Inserts
  • 2 Talos Upgrade Inserts
  • 5 Trophy Counters
  • 12 Fire/Poison Counters
  • 6 Target Tokens
  • 13 Equipment Tokens
  • 1 Talos Die
  • 1 Cerberosa Die
  • 5 Event Cards
  • Gates of Ry’sa Terrain
    • Gate of Ry’sa
    • Vortex
    • 2 Power Shards
    • 4 Plinths
    • 6 Runes
    • 3 Vines
  • Mission Briefing & Rules Booklet
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