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Space Cowboys

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Build the best steampunk garden by winning the tiles you need. 

2 Players  |  30 Mins  |  Ages 12+

In the hushed intimacy of her laboratory, the eminent researcher Beatrix Bury has just discovered a technology allowing to mechanically generate all kinds of edibles. Subtropical plants, stellar potatoes, Orion mandarins, this new technology opens a way to save the people of Forharms, prisoners of a world made of rust and toxic vapors.

It’s in the urgency of a threatened world that the scientist puts two of her best teams in charge of developing her plan... that can seem quite demanding at times. Each team is engrossed in its mission and Beatrix’s laboratory becomes the battlefield of fierce competition to produce the best performing machine. You are promoted to the head of one of these two teams, and must prove yourself worthy of the head researchers’ trust.

Rise up to the challenge!

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