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BTS Proof 2023 Bundle - 7 POP! Vinyls

BTS Proof 2023 Bundle - 7 POP! Vinyls


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BTS Proof 2023 Bundle - 7 POP! Vinyls 

ETA: 31 Oct 2023

BTS - RM (Proof) Pop! Vinyl
BTS - Jung Kook (Proof) Pop! Vinyl
BTS - Jin (Proof) Pop! Vinyl
BTS - J Hope (Proof) Pop! Vinyl
BTS - Jimin (Proof) Pop! Vinyl
BTS - Suga (Proof) Pop! Vinyl
BTS - V (Proof) Pop! Vinyl

Embark on a musical journey with the BTS Proof 2023 Bundle - a mesmerizing ensemble of 7 POP! Vinyl figures that pay homage to the unmatched talent and global phenomenon that is BTS. Captivate the essence of leadership with the BTS - RM (Proof) Pop! Vinyl, a tribute to RM's visionary spirit. Celebrate Jung Kook's boundless passion with the BTS - Jung Kook (Proof) Pop! Vinyl, embodying his artistic dedication. Admire the elegance of Jin's presence with the BTS - Jin (Proof) Pop! Vinyl, capturing his timeless charm. Feel the energy of J Hope's positivity with the BTS - J Hope (Proof) Pop! Vinyl, a representation of his radiant spirit. Relish in Jimin's grace and artistry with the BTS - Jimin (Proof) Pop! Vinyl, encapsulating his magnetic stage presence. Embrace Suga's depth and lyricism with the BTS - Suga (Proof) Pop! Vinyl, a nod to his introspective genius. Revel in V's enigmatic aura with the BTS - V (Proof) Pop! Vinyl, capturing his unparalleled charisma. Immerse yourself in the world of BTS and celebrate their musical legacy by adding these iconic figures to your collection, each a testament to their impact on the global stage.

These items come packed in Pop Protectors free of charge to keep them safe in transit.


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