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In this asymmetrical game, one player is the Bubble, and the others the Sky. The goal of the Bubble is to fly as far as possible, while the Sky players try to block it. 

1.  The Sky plays 3 cards upon their turn. 
2.  The Bubble plays 1 card: a card of a matching color to ascend or remain at the same level; a card of any color to descend. 
3.  When the Bubble has played all their cards or is stuck, the round ends. 

The Bubble changes each round. When all the players have been the Bubble once, you may count the points. 

- 1 vs others 
- Easy to learn and play (no exceptions) 
- Accessible from 5-6+

Box: 11 x 6.5 x 3 cm
55 cards

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