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Castle Falkenstein: 6 Guns and Sorcery

Castle Falkenstein: 6 Guns and Sorcery

R Talsorian

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The role-playing game Castle Falkenstein is set in 19th-century "New Europa" in an alternate steampunk universe. Six-Guns & Sorcery provides information about North America so that gamemasters can incorporate a new setting into their campaigns. The content is given through the eyes of Tom Olam, a man who was born in our world and somehow transported to the Falkenstein universe.[1]

In this alternate universe, the development of North America in the 18th- and 19th centuries led to the formation of several independent nations, including the Free State of Orleans, the Confederation of Twenty Nations, the Republic of Texas, the Californian Empire Standard of the Bear, and much smaller versions of Canada and the United States. The book provides new character classes, new talents, new steam punk technology, and new arcane lore.

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