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Chromino Square Box

Chromino Square Box


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Chromino Square Box

Coloured domino game. 

1-8 Players  |  30 Mins  |  Ages 7+

Features: Tile Placement & Abstract Strategy


Bring color into your life with the best alternative to classic dominoes!

Perfect for children, parents and grandparents to enjoy together.

Chromino – short for "chromatic domino" – challenges players to empty their hand of chromino tiles first. Each such tile has three colors on it laid out in a 1x3 row. At the start of the game, each player takes a hand of eight chrominoes and a special start tile with a wild center square is placed face-up on the table. Each turn, a player either places a chromino from his hand onto the table – with that chromino tile matching at least two colors on adjacent tiles already on the table – or else he draws a new chromino tile from the stock, playing this tile if possible and keeping it otherwise. The first player to empty his hand wins.

Chromino includes variant expert rules.

This multilingual edition includes: English & French

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