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Confident? - Australian Edition

Confident? - Australian Edition

Confident Games


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<p>Feeling Confident?</p> <p>This hit party game asks questions like “how fast can a kangaroo hop?”. But, instead of giving exact answers, you guess with a range. The smaller your range, the more you score! Are you confident enough to go small and win?</p> <ul> <li><strong>FAMILY FAVOURITE BOARD GAME</strong> - Get ready for brilliant questions, laugh-out-loud answers, and crazy convos that you'll be talking about for weeks!</li> <li><strong>NO NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS</strong> - Instead of giving exact answers you guess with a range, aiming to be correct & confident. Will you risk a small range or play it safe? Everyone can guess, anyone can win!</li> <li><strong>HILARIOUS GUESSES</strong> - Flip your answerboards for the big reveal and laugh at ridiculous ranges. The less you know, the funnier it is! The player with the smallest range scores the most, if it's correct</li> <li><strong>FUSS-FREE & FUN FOR HOURS</strong> - It's addictively simple, so you can open the box and play straight away, and adults & kids will want to play again & again. It's couch-friendly - no small pieces, just sit back and play!</li> <li><strong>LOVED BY ALL AGES</strong> - An award-winning family or adult board game for 2-30 players - great for big groups. There's no better game to bring the family together and entertain the masses!</li> </ul>
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