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Critical Role - Doty (Vox Machina) Statue

Critical Role - Doty (Vox Machina) Statue

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Critical Role - Doty (Vox Machina) Statue

ETA: 30 April 2024

"Tary." Sideshow presents the Doty - Vox Machina Statue, here to capture all the finest exploits of the Critical Role statue collection. This dutiful figure measures 13.25" tall as a fully sculpted, three-dimensional tribute to Taryon Darrington's latest marvelous invention. Doty, take this down: This automaton, this arcane assistant, boasts the finest craftsmanship in all of Whitestone. He serves as both a scribe and a best friend, accompanying Vox Machina as they complete the quests that only true adventurers can. The silver and gold figure stands poised with a red feather quill in hand, taking down Tary's eloquent words and most grandiose feats of heroism. Fans with extra keen perception may even spot a familiar passage on the pages of Doty's book, excerpted from an infernal excursion that ended in destruction. The Doty - Vox Machina Statue stands on a 9.2" wide and 10.6" deep hexagonal faux-stone base engraved with the Vox Machina monogram, complementing the other adventurers in the collection. Doty's sleek construction is complete with blue and red gemlike accents, gold screws and rivets, and joints that reveal his intricate construction. Looking to chronicle even more excitement? Doty makes the perfect mechanical companion to a certain author, alchemist, and arcane inventor. Embark on a new chapter of your story and bring home the Doty - Vox Machina Statue for your cast of Critical Role collectibles today! That's all for now, Doty.

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