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Digimon Card Game Across Time BT12 Booster Display

Digimon Card Game Across Time BT12 Booster Display


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The Digimon Card Game Across Time Booster Display is bound to excite Digimon anime fans with its incredibly popular character line-up. This sets line-up is designed to capture the fan favourite series six of Digimon, Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time. In addition, famous scenes from each series will be fully recreated in the card game, allowing fans to build their own concept decks.

There are two Secret (SEC) cards included in this set, along with a second rarer version with an alternate design. This version has a low pull rate, making it a great, gorgeous, collectable card that every collector and player can search for.

Across Time Booster Displays also contains two box toppers:

  • An Across Time Booster Display Promotion Pack that contains 1 of 7 alternate foiling cards from Across Time, including 1 low pull rate SR with an alternate design
  • A Limited Card Pack that contains 2 cards from 6 types of long-awaited competitive cards with new text
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