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Doom - Eternal Pinky Demon

Doom - Eternal Pinky Demon

Development Plus


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Doom - Eternal Pinky Demon

With a name like "Pinky", you'd expect a harmless little pet, but for those who have played DOOM, it conjures up a much more horrifying image; one of a terrifying demon slamming you against the wall. Development Plus have brought us everyone's favourite video game demon as a stunning 8" statue. Faithful to its appearance in Doom Eternal, the hand-painted statue features plenty of impressive details. Immortalising Pinky at its fiercest, the demon has been captured at that kill-or-be-killed moment, roaring with wide open arms as it prepares to charge the player. Its muscular frame is covered in thick bloodied hide and studded horns, with matching fangs scattered along its opened maw. No comfort is offered by staring into its black eyes, finished with glaring yellow pupils set deep into the skull. The beast stands atop a piece of UAC flooring, scratched up and bloodied from the frantic fighting it plays host to. Open up the gates of hell and bring Pinky into your DOOM collection, just don't let it corner you into a tight space! Made of polyresin. Limited to 900 units worldwide. Individually numbered. Certificate of Authenticity included.

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