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Dragonball Z 2023 Bundle - 5 POP! Vinyls

Dragonball Z 2023 Bundle - 5 POP! Vinyls


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Dragonball Z 2023 Bundle - 5 POP! Vinyls

ETA: 30 Nov 2023

Dragonball Z - Jiece Pop! Vinyl
Dragonball Z - Ginyu Pop! Vinyl
Dragonball Z - Guldo Pop! Vinyl
Dragonball Z - Burter Pop! Vinyl
Dragonball Z - Recoome Pop! Vinyl

Introducing the Dragonball Z 2023 Bundle, a must-have collector's dream for every DBZ fan! This exclusive set includes five iconic POP! Vinyl figures featuring the formidable members of the Ginyu Force. From the fiery charisma of Jiece to the indomitable strength of Recoome, these meticulously detailed figurines capture the essence of each character with striking accuracy. The Dragon Ball Z 2023 Bundle is a testament to your unwavering passion for the series, providing an unbeatable addition to your collection that's guaranteed to leave any fan awe-inspired and wanting more. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Dragon Ball Z history with these legendary POP! Vinyls.

These items come packed in Pop Protectors free of charge to ensure maximum protection in transit.

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