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Dungeon Crawlers Academy Book 2 The Dragon's Treasure

Dungeon Crawlers Academy Book 2 The Dragon's Treasure

Ozzie Collectables

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With one very dangerous dungeon dive under his belt, Nathan finally feels like a full-fledged mage. He's even got his own crew: treasure-hungry thief Mandy and stubborn warrior Zach. But their team is in last place at the academy, and the only way to improve their ranking is by bringing back a big haul from the dungeon.

Enter P'tui, a small dragon with a huge problem. He makes the team an offer: he'll reveal the location of his massive, treasure-filled hoard if Nathan brings him back one specific item. The loot could catapult Nathan and his teammates to first place...but can a dragon—even a tiny, cute one—be trusted?

The second volume of the modern-day sword-and-sorcery adventure!

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