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Dungeoneer RPG - Den of the Wererats

Dungeoneer RPG - Den of the Wererats

Dungeoneer RPG

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Den of the Wererats at a Glance

  • Dungeoneer modular dungeon exploration game for two to four players, perfect for the days when you're eager to dungeon crawl but can't scrape together the party.
  • Face down the sinister master wererat and his shapeshifting minions to make the city safe again.
  • Random maps make multiple plays interesting. Or, mix with other Dungeoneer titles to create a completely new challenge.

Underbelly of the City: The World of Den of the Wererats

In Dungeoneer, players move a sword-and-sorcery fantasy hero through an ever-changing modular labyrinth. Each game stands alone or can be mixed with other Dungeoneer titles.

The city is overrun in Den of the Wererats, and it's up to your adventurers to restore peace and safety. Vermin, shapeshifters, thieves, and cutthroats lurk in the shadows, and behind the scenes, the master wererat pulls their strings. Defeat the head of this criminal enterprise and make the streets safe again.

In Search of Adventure: Gameplay Basics

In Dungeoneer, each player is dealt a character card to start the game. Den of the Wererats includes the following characters: Darkling Thief, Human Alchemist, and Dwarf Guardian.

On each turn, a player may draw and discard, play Encounters or Bane cards on opponents, build the Dungeon, and move. You collect Peril and Glory tokens as you move, making yourself more of a target for attack.

Complete your Quests to level up and marshal your strength to face down the master wererat himself! Do you have what it takes to bring him down? Find out in Den of the Wererats!

Six-sided dice and tokens not included.

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