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Dungeonology - Triple Threat

Dungeonology - Triple Threat



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Triple Threat is a new expansion set for Dungeonology - the Expedition, and presents
a new Mega-Boss, represented by 4 different miniatures and a new special game mode.

Playing with this expansion will have the players face Brain, Pinky, and Spriggy, three pestiferous spriggans who will hook onto your Scholars to hinder them in their research! The terrible wild trio roams the dungeon annoying all the Scholars.

This new triple boss will put the Scholars of Rocca Civetta in tight spots with tactics never seen before. Spriggy in Boots, with his giant boots, will make noise by calling attention to the Student he chooses to follow, but he can also guide him to the most inaccessible places of the Dungeon. Pinky, with his devastating punches, will chase away all the Students who approach his Scholars, but at the same time threaten the opposing Scholars. The Brain, with his huge and bulky mask, constantly distracts his Scholar, even if he will help him collect Information Cubes.

But at the command “Spriggans! Assemble!”, the three little beings will unite to form the “terrifying” Spriggazord, a new and hilarious Mega-Boss who with his super-special rules will give a hard time to all Scholars, teleporting to their areas and continuing to harass them relentlessly!

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